Yemeni Mesa

I have spent my life pursuing two passions that are at odds with each other: a love for carby sugary food and all of the great pleasure it brings, and an equal love for feeling lean, strong and healthy. These opposing endeavors have brought me to where I am today: on a mission to optimize my health, without compromising on the great joy that food brings.


Fried Cheese

One of my favorite KETO snacks!


I am obsessed with food! I enjoy getting creative in the kitchen with new recipes and new ingredients. I love exploring new restaurants. I go up and down every aisle in the grocery store in search of new products/foods. I watch hours of cooking shows and follow dozens of cooking YouTubers. And I love the special life moments that can only happen over a shared cabernet or a perfectly gooey slice of chocolate cake.

Some of my favorite foods include flaky and buttery croissants, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, chocolate bark with chunks of nuts and fried mozzarella with a well prepared marinara sauce. But, my favorite thing to eat in the whole world is Pizza! I’ve been having epic Pizza cheat days for decades!

Unfortunately, the foods I most crave are loaded with sugary carbs, grains and gluten…all things that wreak havoc on my health. I call them metabolic disasters, because they cause me to have insulin spikes, GI discomfort, fluctuating energy through the day, unbearable food cravings, inflammation and an increase in body fat. All this from the foods I love :-(

Thankfully, 30+ years of being equally obsessed with health & fitness, have forced me to find ways to bring these opposing passions together.


Physically challenging myself, sculpting my physique and improving my health have been lifelong passions. I have a memory of being a 7 year old skinny kid, standing in front of the mirror and drawing muscles on myself with a marker. Through my late teens and early 20s, I became obsessed with building big muscles, which lead me to competitive bodybuilding. Over the course of five years, I transformed myself from 160 pounds of “skinny-fat”, to a muscular 200 pounds with under 5% body fat. This was good enough to win overall NPC Mr. Huntington Beach in 1994. As much as I enjoyed bodybuilding, I knew that it was never going to be a long-term pursuit. Not only did I see it as a dead end financially, but truthfully, what is required to get into competitive bodybuilding shape is not aligned with my personal health goals. Through my late 20s and 30s, my primary focus in life shifted from “building muscle” to my daughters and my career. Building multiple businesses, lots of travel, coaching soccer and being president of the swim team, left little time for my personal health and nutrition. Yet, being healthy and feeling good remained a priority. During those years I found smart ways to eat, train and recover, in a way that allowed me to continue to improve my health, all within the time constraints imposed by my family and work schedule. Today, in my mid 40s, my obsession for vibrant health while enjoying all the great foods the world has to offer is greater than ever. These passions come together in my work.

46 yr old Selfie :-P

Ketones 4.3mmol/L; Blood Glucose 78mg/dL

Quest Executive Team

2017 Annual Quest Company Summit


I’ve been very fortunate to have built a career that has brought my conflicting passions for carby foods and fitness together. Over the years I’ve worked with some of the most successful nutrition and food companies in the world including MET-Rx, Nestle, Quest & KNOW. In each of these companies, I had the privilege to work with some of the most credible, respected and innovative food scientists, doctors and researchers in the fields of health, exercise, nutrition, performance and longevity. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount, but I was also part of teams that disrupted the food industry and changed it for the better. And I feel like I am just getting started! So much more to come :-)