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This whole year, I have been running a variety of food experiments, in an effort to better understand the metabolic response I have to foods I like to eat.  By testing my blood glucose and ketone levels twice per day, I have gained a much better understanding of how to better structure my nutrition. I started this off with a 7-day water only fast and little by little I have been introducing various foods to not just test their metabolic response, but also how they make me feel.  

Over the last few months, I have relied on a variety of nuts, as a way to get yummy low carb fats into my diet.  These have included pecans, marcona almonds and more than any other, macadamia nuts. I have had a really positive metabolic response to all these nuts and I feel great eating them. 

In an effort to not get bored of eating these delicious nuts, I have prepared them in all sorts of ways including roasting them with a variety of oils and spices, as well as making them into all sorts of nut butters.  

My new favorite way of eating keto friendly nuts, along with a variety of keto friendly seeds, is to make them into keto granola bars, which can be crumbled into keto granola.  Loumin and I have been tinkering with these ever since we saw @keto.connect make theirs at the Metabolic Health Summit.  As soon as we got home, we looked at every keto granola recipe that we found online, as well as normal granola recipes.  After taking it all in, we set out to make our own version.  The first batch was ridiculous!  We ate the whole thing in one night!  A few batches later, and I think we have it just how we like it!  It’s firm enough to eat as a granola bar (really good topped with nut butters), but it can also be crumbled over yogurt or eaten as a granola cereal (my favorite way).  

The macros are keto AF! A 1 oz bar has 150 calories, 15g fat and only 1g net carbs (4g total carbs minus 3g fiber).   It is of course, gluten free and grain free. Below is the recipe for our best and current version.  We’re going to continue to improve it. If you make it, let me know what you think!  And if you think of a way of improving the recipe, let me know as well. Enjoy!!

Keto Granola Bar - grain/gluten free; loaded with healthy fats

Keto Granola Bar - grain/gluten free; loaded with healthy fats

Keto Granola Ingredients:

  • 3 Egg Whites 

  • Ghee 1 TBS

  • Allulose 1 TBS

  • Coconut Powder 2 Scoops

  • MCT Powder 2 Scoops

  • Salt 1/4 Tsp

  • Vanilla 1 Tsp

  • Cocoa powder 1 TBS

  • Cinnamon 2 Tsp

  • Sucralose 1/8 Tsp

  • Macadamia Nuts 1 Cup

  • Walnuts 1/4 Cup

  • Hazel Nuts 1/4 Cup

  • Almonds 1/4 Cup

  • Pecans 1 Cup

  • Flax Seed 1/8 Cup

  • Chia Seed 1/8 Cup

  • Pumpkin Seed 1/8 Cup

  • Sunflower Seed 1/8 Cup

  • Hemp Heart 1/8 Cup

  • Coconut Flakes 1/8 Cup

Keto Granola Recipe:

  • Measure and mix all ingredients into three separate bowls including 1) 2.5 cups of nuts 2) 1 cup of seeds and 3) wet ingredients.

  • Pan roast the nuts over medium heat for about 10 minutes in 2 TBS of coconut oil, 1 TBS of cinnamon and 1/4 TBS of salt. Be sure to constantly stir the nuts to ensure they get evenly roasted.

  • Once nuts are roasted, add the seeds and continue roasting for another 5 minutes.

  • Add the roasted nuts/seeds to the food processor. Be sure to set aside 1/4 cup that will be used to top the bars toward the end.

  • Chop everything until the nuts are chopped into small bits. Not too little…not to much.

  • Mix the 2 eggs, ghee, sugar free syrup, MCT & Coconut powders, cocoa powder, salt, vanilla, cinnamon and Sucralose (optional) in a bowl and pour into the food processor along with the nuts/seeds.

  • Chop together enough to ensure all ingredients are well mixed but not so much that everything gets pulverized.

  • Pour mix on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. pat down with a spatula to ensure it’s evenly distributed.

  • Add the whole nuts/seeds that were set aside and press down with spatula.

  • Put in the over at 300 degrees for 20 minutes. Turn off oven and leave in there for an additional 10 minutes.

  • Take out of the over and let cool for 30 minutes before cutting into squares.

  • Enjoy as a bar, topped with nut butters or crumbled into almond milk or yogurt for a delicious keto & paleo snack.

Keto Granola Cereal with Macadamia & Cashew Milk

Keto Granola Cereal with Macadamia & Cashew Milk

These are yummy anytime keto snacks :-)

These are yummy anytime keto snacks :-)

easy to cut into varying sizes of bars :-)

easy to cut into varying sizes of bars :-)

sooo good with a cup of coffee :-D

sooo good with a cup of coffee :-D

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